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July 10

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August 17

Camera to Cash Formula Workshop

September 2019

V.I.P. Day


“When I started using the social media advice from Blonde Raven, the donations into my client ( a non-profit organization) quadrupled! Their solid advice had reporters from across the nation reaching out to me to do stories and highlight the organization. These media gurus know the secrets to getting the attention you want for your business. They love their clients and will show you exactly how to reach your target audience or customers. There is no one out there who can effectively communicate as well as these ladies. I highly recommend Blonde Raven.”

Marna Davis

Public Relations/Marketing Executive

“Jumping in front of the camera to get attention for my restaurant/brewery was something I knew I had to do. I have a business background, so speaking on camera was out of my comfort zone. Nichelle and Lisa worked with me on how to better communicate my message. Their guidance and patience helped me create videos to allow my brewery to stand out in a crowded craft beer industry. Blonde Raven also helped me stay on top of all of our social media accounts. It has been a fantastic experience working with these talented ladies who care about my needs as a business owner, while making sure I stay on top of the trends to generate business.”

Dan Gomes

Owner, CAVU Brewery & Restaurant/Veteran

“As a chiropractor, the health of every one of my patients is, and will always be my number one priority. I realized I needed to reach them in a different way. My marketing was non-existent and my social media needed some help. Lisa and Nichelle encouraged me to develop a new way of thinking. Blonde Raven gave me a complete social media rebrand and content overhaul. As a result, my patient contact has doubled and my schedule is booked. I am looking forward to the next phase of my business with the help of these two. There’s no one else I’d rather work with.”

Travis Ehlers, DC, CCSP