By clicking on STRATEGIES, you’ve taken a major step in eliminating your on-camera fears and transforming into your authentic self!

Why hire a spokesperson or an employee to sell your brand?

You are your brand’s most powerful influencer!


90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions

Do you scroll through social media and see others selling their brand on video and think, “I wish I could do that, but I hate being on camera.”

You sweat. You make weird faces. You get tongue-tied.

For some reason, you turn into an awkward freak! You KNOW you’re so much cooler in real life.  So why can’t you just act normal when someone sticks a camera in your face and presses record?

We get it. It’s the number one complaint our clients have.

The good news, we can fix that!

Lisa and Nichelle are award-winning journalists who have made successful careers out of having powerful on-camera presence.

A little science + a little art =


Yes, it’s possible.

Blonde Raven can teach you how to be the most authentic you. The you who can promote your brand better than anyone else.


Do you have a podcast, vlog or YouTube channel? If so, fantastic! That’s a great way to reach your audience. Wouldn’t it be more fun to have guests come on your channels and tell your potential customers how awesome you are?

That’s where the art of the interview comes in. You may be thinking, I already know how to talk to people. Truth is, hosting an interview is so much more than writing down a few questions. It’s up to you to make it work as the “host”.

Soooo…how in the world do you do that?

Lisa and Nichelle have conducted tens of thousands of interviews on camera, and all of them made it on television. Clearly, they’re doing something right. Whether it’s a celebrity, politician, business owner or the lady next door, there’s a way to make those interviews compelling and conversational.

Let Blonde Raven teach you the art of the interview!




If you ask a TV station to put your brand on a show, the questions any producer will ask are, “Where have I seen you before?” or “What kind of TV experience do you have?”

This is your opportunity to gain that experience, so you can confidently show producers what your skill level is and what messages you want to share.

Blonde Raven has access to several national television shows and can place you exactly where you need to be.


“I don’t know what to say!”

We hear that all the time. The truth is, you do have something to say. If you didn’t, then you wouldn’t be in business.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could tell your potential customers yourself how amazing your brand is, on camera? They would listen.

Let that sink in.

We’ll wait….

Ok. We can’t wait anymore. The trick is knowing what’s interesting and what isn’t. Blonde Raven can give you the tools to think of creative ways to share that information through video and visuals.

As journalists, Lisa and Nichelle have decades of knowledge making anything and everything interesting. We dare you to stump us with a boring brand. Not. Possible.

Let us help you create the content you need to be your brand’s own storyteller and increase your sales through social media!


Putting yourself and your business on social media is terrifying. You might think social media is like the Wild Wild West and you’d rather avoid it. Maybe you spend too much time creating a post, you think it’s amazing and you get five likes (three are from your family members).

In this day and age you have to get on board. 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

Whether you need the basics or something more heavy duty, Blonde Raven will  get you noticed and help you strategize your messaging plan on all the social media platforms.



We hate to break it to you, but chances are, a reporter or TV producer is not going to come knocking on the door of your business, begging to put you on camera. You have to go to them! Tell them who you are, and let them know you are an expert in your field.

Blonde Raven can help you craft the perfect media pitch to land you the TV spot your business needs.


“AHHH! Does my voice really sound like that?”

You’ve likely said that after watching a video of yourself. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Don’t let this stop you from using your voice to tell the story of your brand. This means actual words will have to come out of your mouth.

Scary, we know.

Lisa and Nichelle have been using their voices to tell stories on the news in front of millions, for decades! Listen, we aren’t going to give you a “news anchor voice” but there are easy tricks we teach to adapt the sound that comes out of your mouth.  If YOU aren’t speaking about the power of your brand, who will?


If you feel like everyone and their mother has a podcast, then you’re right. As of 2018, there are more than 550,000 podcasts online. That’s a lot of competition. A great podcast can bring in serious revenue, but a boring one will unnecessarily drain you of time and money. Let Nichelle and Lisa guide you through the tough work of setting up, producing, and hosting a podcast.




In this day and age, you can’t just hide behind the camera or photos. You have to speak…to actual people, your people. Those potential customers are the ones who buy and support your business. You have to talk and connect with them in real life, because your competitors are.

Combined, Lisa and Nichelle have emceed hundreds of events, some with audiences of hundreds, if not, thousands of people. Some come with a script, but others you just have to wing it. Blonde Raven can push you through the fear and give you the skills to get on stage, under the lights with all those eyeballs focused on you.

When that old trick of picturing everyone in the audience naked doesn’t work for you anymore, give Lisa and Nichelle a call.


We aren’t going to lie to you. Starting out in the news business can be tough.

Getting your foot in the door and getting a news director or producer to notice you and trust you enough to put you on the air is a daunting task. You need training, you need the basics, and you need a resume tape. But how do you get that without having access to a studio or camera equipment?

Nichelle and Lisa have both been there. We both started in small markets and worked our way up through hard work and sacrifice. We can guide you through the process, too.


Wanna know a television secret?

Come in closer…

Every person on TV is tricking the camera!

There! We said it.

Whether it’s makeup, hair, clothing choices, lighting or the way you angle your body or face (yes, it is true that everyone has a “good side”), there are tricks to correct just about anything. Trust us we’ve used them (and still do).

Now, we can’t turn you into Beyonce or David Beckham, but we can give you our secrets to transform on camera into the best you!


When you’re talking about your business, can you clearly articulate what it’s all about in 30 seconds or less? Try it. Not as easy as it seems, right? Crafting the perfect elevator pitch is beneficial in many ways. Whether you’re communicating the message on camera or actually stuck in an elevator with someone, knowing how to clearly articulate your message can be the difference between making a sale or missing out on a potential customer.

Nichelle and Lisa can help you boil it down to the basics and give you the tools you need to craft your perfect elevator pitch.


Let’s hope you never find yourself or your business in this predicament. But the truth is, sometimes, a crisis rears its ugly head. When you’re up against the wall and don’t want to lose all you’ve worked so hard to build, you need a plan and message to come out the other side in the best possible position.

For decades, Nichelle and Lisa have been on the other side, exposing businesses in crisis. We know what the media and the public expect to hear and see. Let us guide you through the storm.